Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd drop a quick note in case anyone is interested:

We're currently looking for more gambling + entertainment orientated sites to partner with at Wagerspot.com (http://www.wagerspot.com)

Wagerspot is a new pay-per-click search engine developed exclusively for the online gaming industry. Recently launched, it provides online casinos, sportsbooks, and other gambling orientated sites with a venue to promote themselves on a cost per click (CPC) basis. Advertisers choose which search terms they want to be listed for on Wagerspot, and how much they are willing to pay when a visitor clicks-through on a listing and in turn visits their site. (I'm sure most of you are familliar with the concept)

We are offering affiliates a 50/50 split on all click revenue derived from their visitors. Participation is simple, just sign up and add a link or two from your site to Wagerspot, and you'll earn 50% of the revenue for each advertiser link your visitors click on.

Real-time statistics, helpful staff, and prompt monthly payments are at your disposal. We have a variety of linking options available, from simple text links to eye-catching pop-unders, so you can choose just how little or how much to promote the program.

Not all submissions will be accepted, but we encourage you to take a look and see if you’d be a good match for the program. This is an excellent opportunity to earn income for those with the right traffic.

Naturally, incentive based and/or inflated clicks are NOT permitted. We realize this kind of program is subject to abuse by unscrupulous webmasters looking to earn some 'easy money', and take all precautions to ensure that our advertisers are paying for legitimate traffic.

If you've got the right demographic and are tired of CPA arrangements, this might be the earning opportunity you've been looking for. If you should have any questions or comments just drop me a line.