Unfortunatly for me, it has been a terrible last 2 weeks. Short story - Major car accident + laid off from full time job = I need to get some cash together in a hurry.

I have multiple PR3 and PR4 pages that I will sell for one time fees. $30 for any PR3 links, $50 for PR4. (Homepage links are still $50 a month).

Cashable Blackjack Bonuses
http://www.casinodave.com/casinos.htm - PR4

Monthly Blackjack Bonuses
http://www.casinodave.com/monthly.htm - PR4

More Cashable Blackjack Bonuses
http://www.casinodave.com/casinos2.htm - PR3

More Cashable Blackjack Bonuses
http://www.casinodave.com/casinos3.htm - PR3

More Cashable Blackjack Bonuses
http://www.casinodave.com/casinos4.htm - PR3

More Cashable Blackjack Bonuses
http://www.casinodave.com/casinos5.htm - PR3

List of cashable blackjack bonuses
http://www.casinodave.com/casinolist.htm - PR3

List of Sticky Blackjack Casino Bonuses
http://www.casinodave.com/stickylist.htm - PR3

Newly Added Casinos
http://www.casinodave.com/New%20Casinos.htm - PR3

Poker Bonuses
http://www.casinodave.com/poker.htm - PR2

Poker Strategy
http://www.casinodave.com/pokerstrategy.htm - PR3

Poker Merchandise
http://www.casinodave.com/pokermerchandise.htm - PR3

Video Poker
http://www.casinodave.com/videopoker.htm - PR3

If you are interested or have any questions, please let me know.