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    Default Professional Established Gambling Site For Sale

    Deal webmasters,
    I am going to launch my own company and will have no time for my gambling site: -

    Therefore, I am looking for cool guys who have time and experience to dedicate to the development of the site. The site has no starting price but I will sell it to the one with the best price.

    Following are some of current features of the website:

    I. General Features:
    1. Dynamic Content Control developed based on Dynamic CMS System
    2. Easy to update news, reviews, articles via friendly admin interface
    3. Integrated powerful Webmail systems
    4. Vbulletin Gold 3.0.0 Forum Integration
    5. Professional Linking Exchange system
    6. Excellent advertisement tracking system
    7. Live jackpot/Gambling newsfeeding module displays.

    II. And the cool hidden ones...
    1. Newsletter System
    - Scheduled to send email on a regular basic.
    - HTML/PLAIN TEXT options
    - Newsletter Archives
    - Email Notifications

    2. Team working tools
    - Web-based HTML editor to compose news and articles
    - The systems have three user levels: user, writer, editor which is perfect when you think of a co-operate network. You can tweak these features by register and write a sample article for CasinoTalks at:

    3. "Changing on single click" Contents
    You can configure the system so that the whole/partial content will change alternatively on each page loading. The contents are in designed in "blocks structure" which you can change the position of the blocks (top, bottom, right, left...) easily. This is "Search Engines madness" because every time they visit, your site is always updated!

    And many more..... has good PR of all pages, well recognized in all Search Engines, just go and have a look at all my stuff!

    The package includes:
    2 domains and
    3 years premium Linux hosting which I am currently paying 399USD/yr.

    If you are interested in the deal, just drop me a line at:
    Please include the best price that you can offer.

    Thank for your interest!
    Dinh Viet Hung
    Casino BlackJack Cheats & Strategy
    CasinoTalks Links Exchange

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    Dear webmasters,
    It's nice to inform you that has been ranked 5/10 by Google for the front page, and 4 for most of internal pages.

    I will sell it very quickly, just email me for the price and more info either at
    mail to dinhhung[at]
    Casino BlackJack Cheats & Strategy
    CasinoTalks Links Exchange

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