A new poker room software company, World Poker Central, is getting ready to launch and is looking for 100 prop players to launch with.

Here are their requirements and info, and the addy to contact if you're interested, is near the bottom.

Join as a Prop (Get paid for playing)

1. Requirements
Minimum play of 500 raked hands per week.

(Average 10-13 hours/short handed)
(Average 14-16 hours/medium handed)
Minimum session time requirement is 2 hours.
Please note, we reserve the right to change the number of raked hands requirement at any time and without any prior notice.

2. Responsibilities
Start new games as directed
Greet new players
Monitor table chat
Keep short handed tables alive

3. Payout Structure
Return of rake generated by player. The formula is based on: rake/players at flop. Your rake portion is returned to you on a weekly basis.

4. General Information
You will be required to sit at tables assigned to you.
You may be required to change tables.
You will not be eligible for any other promotions while being paid as a Prop player.
All communication is done through MSN Messenger. When you visit our tables,
you must be logged-in and readily accessible by our team.
The week begins on Sundays at midnight EST and ends on Sundays at midnight EST
Players’ accounts will be credited once a week on Monday evenings.
For more information regarding becoming a Prop, please contact props@worldpokercentral.com.

Note: We reserve the right to alter, modify or discontinue our Prop Program at any time without prior consent from any participating parties. By joining our program, you agree to and adhere to the terms and conditions.

WPC Management Team