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    Default Question about employees and growth

    Hello all!

    Just a generic question, did anyone grow so much here that they needed employees as they werent managing everything in terms of work please?


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    You'll get a bit of a mix though on the forums, from people who do almost everything themselves through to representatives of big companies worth hundreds of millions (although probably not too many of the latter).

    I would hazard a guess that most people here probably use at least some kind of freelancer on a regular basis - writer, va, developer, design etc.. and a bunch will have people working for them or be involved in a partnership.

    To answer your question directly, in our company it's my wife and I plus one other full time employee. We're relatively small fish though. - Formally known as goodbonusguide.

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    We have both full-time employees and freelancers, but we are not only affiliates, but also a content marketing agency.

    If I were an affiliate only, in uncertain times like these, I would prefer going the freelance route.

    Both have its pros and cons, so it largely depend on your budget, sites, workload, future plans and so on.

    But, having full-time employees is a major headache, especially if you want them to be happy, motivated, paid well and so on.
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