Australian sportsbook betr, which is backed by Rupert Murdochís News Corp, has been hit with fine of AUD75,000 ($51,082) by The Racing Commission for sending repeated spam message without first getting permission from recipients.

As a result, The Commission added that "given the serious nature of these breaches, this decision will be published on the Commissionís website so as to place all Northern Territory bookmakers on notice that the Commission treats such breaches very seriously" and that it is "therefore very disappointed that, under their leadership, affiliates and employees were permitted to contact any persons in breach of the requirements of the Code."

From the Commission's decision:

betr employees, Business Development Manager (BDM) affiliates and contractors of BDM affiliates are all subject to strict contractual obligations which require them to comply with all applicable laws and regulations applying to betr, including but not limited to, its obligations under the Code:

 not to offer or supply any inducements to open a betting account;
 not to contact any individual without their consent;
 not to contact any customer who has self-excluded; and
 to ensure that all customer communications are recorded (including
phone calls, emails, text messages).
The Commission has previously held that licensees should accept responsibility for the activities of their affiliates, and that an unwillingness to do so does not reflect well on a licensee. The Commission understands that this position is accepted by betr, and notes that the contractual arrangements between betr and betrís BDM affiliates require the affiliates to comply with the Code. This decision therefore does not differentiate between the activities of betr employees and BDM affiliates and their contractors.
Read the entire decision here: