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    Thumbs up Rating gambling ads on social media

    Hello all,

    Four main questions below:

    (1) Are you using paid ads (not organic reach) on social media for your affiliate website?
    (2) If yes, at which platform(s) did you need prior written approval, a legal memo or anything like that?
    (3) Which social media platforms approved or disapproved your request to run gambling ads?
    (4) Which social media platforms do you recommend / discommend?

    Thanks for sharing in advance!

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    Yes, I'm using social media for advertising on a monthly basis and the main platforms I use are Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram and a little bit of Google+ which unfortunately, is about to disappear soon (it wasn't very good to start off with anyway). I didn't have to worry about needing prior written approval, a legal memo or anything similar to that. All of the above social media platforms approved all of my gambling sites at the time. I recommend all of the aforementioned social media platforms along with Tumblr and these other platforms that you can find here:

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