Hi WebGuru Guys,

I have not ever been in a situation like this, so I need your opinion and hints.

I have been developing a trading tool for more than 5 years for MT4 which helps the every-days of the manual trades who work or do other stuff and in the meantime they want something to manage their manually opened trades. Thanks to this tool, they can set their strategy in advance, then they can start a trade immediately and the tool manages the trades until they close with professional and fine-tuned risk management.

The tool is free, but I want my clients to open a new live account at one of the broker partners of mine, so the broker pays a CPA or revenue share to me and I give the software to my users in return.

I cannot attract so many people from Facebook as manual trading based on technical analysis and risk management is a specialized market niche. I have an assumption that the forums would be the best way I could reach these traders. (Facebook Adwords aimed marketing is very expensive)

I am starting to feel 'guilty' as all the forums I tried to post have banned me for forever. What I did:
* diretly stated that this is my site, visit it, etc...
* just wrote on behalf of a new user asking opinions which product I should choose to make my trading better (mentioning only product names inclding other companies, but no links)
* wrote how my own trading was developed and offered help to others in email (was not so successful but at least was not banned from everywhere)

I know there is a way to do this better... The product is valuable for many manual MT4 traders but I cannot reach them and I do not have a clue how to proceed.

I would appreciate your feedback how you would proceed if you were in my place, if you have a similar forex website.

Thanks in advance!