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    I must have missed the drama involved with losing his business?

    I also missed that top contributors got a homepage link... thanks!!

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    Thanks a lot for invitation but I will stay away off this valuable link.

    It is not just that I am afraid of competition, I simply like my privacy. No facebook, no real names, I even change nicknames forum to forum. On the top of that it is not paranoia of some big brother or so. I simply do not see a reason to show the river in the middle of the game. I am working on fragmentation of my virtual or real identity, because I really see no benefits to be called that is THAT John Doe or that is THE owner of those websites etc.

    When I see the linkedin pages of various people, I am always amazed why they exist (or how linkedin can be so successful). Business is about trust, but trust is not about identity. Identity is about ego. And ego - in the and - is contradictory to business. I know (few) very bright people and none of them came to me through a way "I am this or that guy". It was always through some small business that went bigger.

    I know this not showing cards is totally oldschool. Even my relatives do not know what I do. But that is my innermost feeling that reality is wrong when everyone says "Hello, I am that person." In the beginning of the digital age it was norm to behave like on Reddit, then we all were forced by marketing to use real names and tell everything about us and now we can not live without it. For me my name or my websites are simply intimate information.

    But thank you very much once again.
    If you talk to God, you are praying; If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.

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    Congratulations All!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherlock View Post
    For me my name or my websites are simply intimate information.
    Sherlock, I suppose affiliate managers knows your identity as you registered at various affiliate programs.
    .. or you used nicknames in the accounts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelCorfman View Post
    I think some clarification is needed, and also an apology.

    When we started recognizing monthly top posters back in August 2006 (for participation in July 2006) it was done as a way to say thank you to affiliate members by providing links to their websites from the home page of the GPWA website the following month. Initially building the lists was done by hand after running various reports. Over time, the process was turned into something that was mostly automated, with a report that considered various factors such as the number of posts and total length of posts to try to identify top contributors.

    This automated process has always only considered contributors that provided us with a website of theirs that we could feature on the home page of the GPWA website since the whole process was organized around featuring sites there. But with a process that became largely automated, and with CityGuard leaving for law school over a year ago, the regular contact with top contributors to find out their websites when they were not already known, largely fell by the wayside.

    So there are a number of top contributors who are not recognized on the home page of the GPWA website or in this monthly announcement post. I have to apologize that the process has become increasingly flawed over time as we have not consistently requested websites for new top contributors. Your contributions are important and deserve recognition even when we don't have a site of yours to feature.

    Here are additional top contributors for the month of September, and the position they would have occupied in the original list if we had had a website associated with them:

    1. antihacker
    3. -Shay-
    8. Sherlock
    10. RacingJim
    12. gameman
    24. christinaborsk

    Clearly we can do a better job of asking for the affiliate sites for top posters so those sites can be featured, and so we intend to do that. We would very much like to feature the sites of all top posters on the home page of the GPWA website.

    To more properly recognize the folks above, I am editing my initial post in this thread to include each of them, and to recognize antihacker for his contribution this past month.


    Thank you. No need to apologize. After seeing the actions recently taking by you, and the rest, I now feel I hit home with my initial intend to start posting on this forum.

    I do not need a 'thank you' nor did I come here to get 'accolades' on how much I posted. I came here to clean our industry from the hacker, and bring awareness that our industry is truly a victim of a lot of hacking / unfair ways of promoting. Something needed to be done, and recently I am beginning to feel that GPWA was the right place to go.

    Thank you for stepping up. I truly appreciate it. I start to feel that all was not for nothing.

    Thank you!

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    Great job guys !

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