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    Default Reefer Poker June Promotions and Games

    Hey All,

    We have lots going on at Reefer Poker during the month of June for you to promote on your websites, blogs and forums!

    1) The Reefer Poker Tour

    Each day we are offering players the chance to play in our mini series of poker which is running in conjunction with the WSOP schedule.
    Each series winner along with the top finishers in the standings will then be invited to play in a special FreeRoll. Lots of fun with very reasonable buyins each night!

    2) The Reefer Progressive Pot is Back!

    Each night at 9pm EST we have the progressive pot tournament at Reefer Poker.

    Each night Reefer Poker will add $10 to the progressive pot and as soon as 50 players enter to play we will release the pot according to the standard payout structure!

    This is another fun thing to promote to your players and the pot is currently sitting at $120!

    3) Stoners vs Staff

    Due to the overwelming response to our monthly Stoners vs staff tournaments, we have decided to change this into a weekly event instead of the usual once a month event.
    Each week we will nominate 2 staff members to play in this event and instead of the usual $10 bounties we will be increasing the bounties to $25.
    The buyin for this event will also increase from $2 + 0.20 to $5 + 0.50

    Come and join in the fun each Thursday night at 9pm EST!

    Stay tuned for more promotions from Reefer Poker!

    Warm Regards,

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