Yup, another site gets added to my blacklist!

This time it's the brand new Merge Network site, Reefer Poker. What a shame! This site accepts American players and being on the Merge Network, I had high hopes for them.

Look at these terms...

17. Abandonment of Account Balance.
  1. The Company reserves the right to cancel your ReeferPoker.com account for any justifiable reason whatsoever at any time without notice to you. If you do not access your ReeferPoker.com account by "logging in" to your Account using your Account Name and password for a period of one hundred and eighty (180) days, your Account may be closed and the entire Account Balance will be deemed abandoned and forfeited and the Company may also close any account with any ESP you may have; provided however, such requirement for log-in and entry is not and does not constitute any requirement whatsoever for you to play any Game, deposit funds or participate in any activity at ReeferPoker.com other than logging in.