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    Exclamation Regarding Tresure Island Jackpots/Atlantis Gold not paying out

    Here is a chat transcript between myself and the chat Rep that I first started talking to. I know my dialogue seems a bit harsh but these guys (Atlantis Gold and Treasure Island) have been very evasive and seem very dishonest with me. I am clearly finished playing here but I would definitely like to get my withdrawal! Please help and Thank you.

    Chat Session:

    The following is a record of your online chat.

    General Info
    Chat start time Nov 6, 2012 4:58:52 AM ESTChat end time Nov 6, 2012 5:05:08 AM ESTDuration (actual chatting time) 00:06:16Operator Nathalie Edwards
    Chat Transcript
    info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Nathalie Edwards'
    Nathalie Edwards: Welcome to Treasure Island Jackpots customer support. May I have your email address please?
    Stephanie: ***** I have sent in several emails and have tried to talk to you via chat. Where is my withdrawal from the 28th?
    Stephanie: and why did you disconntect chat?
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to ****** at the end of your chat.
    Nathalie Edwards: Im sorry for the inconvenience.
    Nathalie Edwards: Please send an email to ****** for any withdrawal or cashout inquiry and follow up
    Stephanie: also, you told me that gaming has been restricted in my area but no one else has reported this issue. I need to know what is going on.
    Stephanie: I already sent an email in to them several times, several days ago
    Stephanie: and I have not heard anything
    Stephanie: I am not sending another email in
    Stephanie: I sent in two emails already tonight!
    Nathalie Edwards: I apologize for what happened. I will send a follow up email to accounts team regarding to your withdrawal concern
    Stephanie: what is this mess about being restricted in my area?
    Nathalie Edwards: Unfortunately the casino is inaccessible from your region at this point in time. We appreciate your loyalty and will advise as the situation changes. Thank you for your inquiry and feel free to contact us at any time.
    Stephanie: that is simply not true
    Stephanie: but I will do whatever I can to get my withdrawal from the 28th
    Stephanie: It is not right what is going on and those looking into this will do something about it'
    Stephanie: I need that response about my withdrawal of $100 on the 28th as soon as possible please.
    Nathalie Edwards: Rest assured that we will check on your account once Accounts team get back to office at 8AM PST
    Stephanie: Thanks.
    Stephanie: This will be posted on forums
    Stephanie: Others need to be aware of what you are doing.
    Stephanie: Have a good day.

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    Just an update: I have now been told that I will be paid on my CC either on the 16th or the 19th of November. This is for a cashout made on the 28th of October. That is a long time to wait but we will see if they do pay out.

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    If you live in the United States this is unfortunately normal. Just be happy you can play and get your money when you win.

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