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    Default REMINDER: Unibet Poker Open Freeroll!

    <DIV id=post_message_198491>Hi everybody,
    This is a reminder to our affiliate exclusive freeroll where you will be able to win a package to Unibet Poker Open in Budapest worth €2750 and other great prizes! The tournament is password protected but you will be able to retrieve the password when you login into your account at (om det gäller andra affiliate managers är det ju inte bara unibetpartners!) on Monday 23/2-09.
    1st place: Unibet Poker Open Budapest package worth €2750
    2nd-5th place: 40% rev share on all products for three consecutive months (March, April and May 2009)
    fficeffice" />

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    Default Do you know what works online casino?

    Hello everyone,

    I am an amateur Pokter, I like to play occasionally with friends and not long ago I learned about the freeroll tournaments that are very nice because they bind to nothing and I find ca a good way to train.

    I am an amateur, but I still think that at least once in my life in Las Vegas to the WSOP, even if I gain nothing is really history to have that feeling of playing in Las Vegas with the greatest.

    Good until I play on the internet.

    I think that playing on the internet especially in tournaments are 2 strategies.

    so do carpets quickly enough to climb faster, the foot is his password or his case but since it is a freeroll was not lost because we did not put any money into games.

    so wait patiently for the right hand to play this last much longer to rapidly increase his stack, but were less likely to get out quickly, so more likely to fit in the gains, while the first can be out in 5 minutes after commencement.

    What do you think? If you have any other please let me say??

    If I wanted to ask you about Unibet play you?? them what time? and with maximum participation cb??

    And also if you have passwords for freeroll UNIBET if you can save by its good will, as in those with password has fewer participants arrive and see a password freeroll slightly higher Besides, I do not understand why.

    Voila that's it for me, I await your reactions! and thank you in advance
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