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    Default (RESOLVED) Club Gold Casino commission payment concern (RESOLVED)

    everything is here :

    Im sure that they can comment here using their standard bull...s , so i dont want suggest nothing, no screens, no quotes (you can find it on agd) - i have only basic questions.

    Question1 - about -$5160 shaved net gaming from my stats (one hour before closing of november stats i found in my stats big winner of more than $5000 , problem was that nobody didnt make a deposit) - this is 100% fact , with proofs - printscreens from skype and gmail. Club Gold manager konstantinos after about 10 emails answered with apologise and confirmed , that their system worked not correctly ( what a joke) and commision numbers will be corrected, because it was no deposit bonus player , with maximum possible winnings of $50.
    After 10 days he forgot that some people making sceenshots of chats or emails and started lying on agd forum like ...

    Question2 - why manager Konstantios lied his customers on public forum without any consequnces for him or his brand? this is 100% fact , with proofs - printscreens from skype and gmail and also not commented by nobody.(including Konstantinos)

    Question3 - why clubgold need to calculate commissions manually?What kind of fees they have to deduct every month manually, and why deductions are sooooo big? Why other playtechs which using same system dont need that? Why clubgold deleted "monthly earnings" section?this is 100% fact

    Question4 Last from important facts - why they allow on spam advertising? many spammers emails posted here , and tons of threads about club gold spam in google top10 (phrase club gold casino)

    Finally - nobody cant tell - "i dont have with them any problems" because its not possible to catch them - it doesnt matter if you are rookie , or mega affiliate or from affiliatesecure team. Yes - everyone can say- i dont have any problem with payments. But , is this full payments?
    When youre on revshare , even when you sent there your friendly player-highroller to check if they arent shavers - how can you check that winnings of ALL no deposit players
    not generating for you negative net gaming in full amount of their winnings? (instead max allowed -$50). I was lucky because i didnt have any players activity in 30th nov , few days earlier and few days later.It was also very easy to check, that all other players lost their money.Finally , Konstantinos hadn`t other choice and he confirmed this FACT.

    This post is to warn you all , that better to check their stats every day.I will never work with them but I hope also , that they will change their statistics on more clear and affiliate friendly.

    They are not clear and even 1000 comments and answers will not change it.
    On agd im waiting 48 hours on any answer from clubgold.It is not my question but question from agd. I never saw that managers which observe thread "live" cant answer on basic question. But what they can say more , if all was proved?

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    Club Gold got in touch with me on Thursday about this situation.

    Here is the situation as a I understand it based on explanation from Club Gold:

    As I understand it, part of the problem is the Club Gold calculates commissions in way that affiliates earn more in bonus situations than the way the Playtech affiliate system calculates them by default. Specifically, Club Gold does not count non-withdrawable winnings as "winnings" for purposes of calculating affiliate commissions, but the Playtech affiliate system does include these in their "winnings" calculations.

    This means that in the cases where non-withdrawable winnings would ordinarily reduce earnings, Club Gold does manually calculations to correct for the limitations of the Playtech affiliate system. Since the system infrastructure isn't able to do this directly, the commission information that is automatically shown in the stats does reports a lower amount than the affiliate will receive once the manual commission increase is completed.

    I'm told by Club Gold that they have a planned switch from the Playtech affiliate system to NetRefer (planned for January).


    Mickey, I'd like to make sure the stats questions and payment concern get resolved, along with any other concerns you have. Club Gold has told me they want to make sure this is sorted out and they've been very responsive and attentive in my interactions with them historically -- so I think this can get back on track toward a resolution. If you'd like help in the communications with them, I'm happy for you to include me on your communications with Club Gold. I think you may have my email address from our prior communications, but I'll send a PM momentarily just to be sure (can't remember if our prior talk had been through email and PM or purely through PM).
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    Inquiries intended for an administrator or staff member can be directed to Anthony Telesca through the forum (username Anthony) or to the general contact address manager AT gpwa DOT org.

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    As an FYI - there is a long post at AGD about this, I have been in contact with him, Carmel, and Konstantinos. It is being resolved, but is taking time. Probably best not to have too many threads about the same issue or it will spiderweb and hurt the mediation process we are going through currently.

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    Thanks for the update....we will keep this issue in check and watch out for reports concerning them....

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    Are affiliate payments really calculated manually? It is 2012. Something doesn't sound right.

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    I can confirm that i received my payment for november and december.
    I will not continue cooperation with clubgold.

    If affiliates will not start work together and discuss any REAL problems - this GPWA section will grow every month

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