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    Default Review my site please

    Please feel free to review my site.

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    It seems clear that you have devoted some thought to putting together the threads for your forum site. However, there is a problem getting forum sites launced that I think will be your biggest challenge. Without postings from others, it is difficult to attract new postings, and so it is very easy to get stuck in a mode where not much happens on the posting front. In the end, this means that posting oriented sites are difficult to run unless the site has at least a moderate level of visitors.

    When I initially went to your site, I had expected to see a list of casinos you recommended. You do have such a list in the forums, but a forum-style interface is, in my opinion, not the most attractive way to present such a list. My suggestion would be to add a few pages of your own that feature the sites you want to promote, and the reason those sites are good choices your visitors. Then, as an example, you could link from those listings to forum threads for discussion. You need to do something more to draw visitors into the site.

    Even in the case of sites that have successful forums, the forum itself is usually introduced with other pages. For example, the GPWA site has a reasonably active forum community, but even still we feel a need to introduce the site through other pages before taking visitors into the forums.

    I wish you luck!

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