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Thread: Review Sites?

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    Default Review Sites?

    Does anyone out there operate strictly review sites?

    We are working on a new project ( where the core focus is strictly operator and brand reviews, in the legal US market. I've never done a project like that, usually we have an element of reviews in our bigger projects, but as a section and not a focus. As such, I'm feeling a bit uninspired - and looking for some inspiration on where to take the site in the future (after we lay the ground work, which we are working on now).

    We are also building a large network so we want to get away from planning to write reviews for brands on every single site we operate, potentially using this as a sister site to point to from our other brands as a source for reviews vs writing 10 reviews on every brand and trying to keep the quality up, which seems impossible.

    Some ideas I had:

    1. Including some type of social/user element - encouraging reviews from actual bettors. I think this is potentially troublesome, as I suspect it will attract mostly disgruntled players and negative reviews. If we decide to do this, does anyone know of any great examples of similar integration? Particularly would be interested in a plugin or coding solution that would allow for this. It would also be a challenge to moderate without leaning towards censorship I'd think. Bad idea perhaps?

    2. Dispute moderation/assistance with communicating with operators, I believe SBR has done this with some success.

    Other than that, I can't think of much further to take this particular site than to maybe cover promotions and brand related updates and news.

    Overall looking for some advice and inspiration, and open to some critique (although keep in mind we have only built some pages here - no design, seo, or other work has been done yet).

    I guess what I'm mostly asking here is whether we should stick to trying to rank for phrases and long tails as a business model or should we actually aspire to have a user and social based element to it, or if that's probably too much of a longshot to pull off.
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    Hey MJM, nice website! I'll just put my two pennies here if you don't mind the site looks highly usable, and one can see you've really put a lot of effort into the reviews - however, ranking even for long-tail branded phrases for such high-profile brands is going to be extremely, extremely difficult. I'd recommend either adding much more pages/posts, each targeted for a very specific branded long-tail phrase, like "betmgm no deposit bonus codes" etc, OR significantly expanding your functionality to offer some unique features nobody else has, and start promoting via other channels like outreach and social - otherwise I'm afraid you'll struggle getting any meaningful organic clicks. Don't mean to be harsh or anything, I've been making affiliate websites for trading and gambling for over 10 years and earning sizeable profits in those niches is only getting tougher, so any new website has to work that much harder than the previous one

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