Helo Im promoting Amber Casino ( Microgaming - Oryx slots) - they program called royalaffiliates.eu - We cooperation from close to 5 month - . Im send them over 1000 Players every month they pay comission but now im Still dont recived payments from February ( 1000 ).

My aff menager " Kamil Telejko " - say this casino will be close soon and next say he now stoop cooperations with them. - Now is hard recived answer from him - Last answer in email from my aff menager was Amount will be pay ... but im dont recived money... (-. now silent...)

Im ask in live chat in amber casino and support say - this is not true abaout casino will be close soon..... And abaout aff payments im must contact with aff support ( Ok im know this ) - But is hard to recived answer in this case from them - and they have write in affiliate terms and conditions payments will be made 15.-th every month from erned comission .

So summary im still dont recived my money from February and im think they dont woona pay. - so be aware dont cooperations with them becose this is hard risk program - possible problem with comission payments.

And even if person from this place ( my aff menager) say casino will be close soon..... Im think something is not ok in this case - From site my aff menager or from royal affiliates staff....

Mayby Somone cooperations with this program and have same problem with them ? What abaout last Payments from this place from February somone recived money?

Im open this topic becose Im hope this can help me recived my money and warning all orther webmasters abaout bad practice in this place and problem with paymennts affiliate comssion from program royalaffiliates !

Be Aware dont cooperations with royalaffiliates.eu becose this is high risk place - possible problem with recived comission from them and mayby casino will be close soon.... ( Sorry for bad english and thanks for answers / sugestions )