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    Default RoyRichie trustworthy?

    Anybody working with RoyRichie? We agreed a deal with them, hybrid with flat fee + rev share. Flat fee should be paid upfront. They told us in September that it will be paid soon, now two months has passed. No payment so far and no replies to our emails in the past weeks after they told us in October again and again that they will send the payment soon, it's delayed due to internal changes.

    I have read that they are slow paying their customers too, so maybe it's better not to cooperate with them. Anybody of you worked with RoyRichie in the past?

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    Here in Germany they are not very welcome, because they have a big mouth with starting deals before the cooperation begins but does not deliver obviously. A little bit similar to your case.

    ThePogg has Roy Richie Casino on his enemy scale at 4.5 out of 10 (1.0 is Ultra Enemy), and also he don't like the affiliate program so much.

    If I am honest, I cannot find something good about Roy Richie with the exception of some pro written reviews from webmasters, but perhaps this is what you are looking for.


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