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    Default Running a casino


    I saw another forum of a poster succesfully running his own lottery site and wondered if anyone runs their own online casino?

    I'd like to ask some questions about getting into the industry (I'm an affiliate) so drop me a line if you have experience starting a casino from scratch.

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    Hello, I liked that post as well. RedFoxLotto seems to have made a good business move. In 2008 I started 2 brands, and used a third party platform. The business model was white-label casino at the time. The brands closed in 2017 after about 9 years. Since then I developed my own gaming platform, where I can add third party software at will while maintaining 100% control over every aspect. I'll PM you to follow up.

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    1) Find a proper white lable and think of design
    2) Choose GEO - or several
    3) Read about licenses and other research
    4) Prepare around 50k EUR for Launch and 300k for marketing + 100k minimum for payouts.
    5) Start hiring marketing team while white lable team prepare all for you.
    6) Launch and be ready for adventures

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    I'm very interested in this as well. While I see a ton of upsides there are also a lot of problems. I have very little experience in running a brand (basically just having a couple of friends who do that tell me something here and there)

    I feel like maybe the sweet spot is affiliates who could send like 100-200NDCs a month to their own brand that has a cheap setup and running costs (like the ProgressPlay ones for CA/NZ seem to work well and costs air to setup).

    If you're an affiliate doing more than 1,000 NDCs a month you probably attract enough dumb money that's wiling to do upfront flat deals and what not which are > than what you would even squeeze out of this traffic via your own casino.

    The successful operations of today seem to have some or a mix of these:

    - GEOs that are borderline illegal or actually 100% dark markets (UK, Italy or Spain without a license etc)
    - Their own platform/license/frontend solution that lets them differentiate from the crowd.

    For the MGA white labels (the likes of Dunder or the White Hat Gaming ones that do well) that theoretically any of us could make, they seem to have one or a mix of the following:

    - It's owned by a major affiliate that many small-mid sized affiliates look up to. Much easier and cheaper time to get affiliates on board, which then starts to create a bit of a snowball effect.

    - Some very specific PPC/media buy aquisition channells where you can click a button and acquire thousands of NDCs on your first month for a decent cost instead of waiting months or years to acquire via SEO.

    - CRM experience in specific markets where others aren't great.

    - They secretly accept a shady GEO that none of the PLCs dare to touch, thus dominating a certain market from affiliate aquisition.

    I think a higher chance of profitability for a white label would come out of 5-10 affiliates coming together and putting up the cash for it. They then push it on their own sites on a preagreed deal while also introducing other affs who trust them to it. Pretty sure there are multiple brands like this launched in the past.
    Always looking to trade links for some Wagyu.

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    There are already a lot of online casino sites all over the world.
    So it's very important to think what you can do to differentiate your casino site from sites by other competitors.
    As long as your site has some strong points like uncommon promotions or bonus system, then affiliates would love to introduce your site.

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