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    Default San Antonio columnist on the UIGEA 'loophole'

    Chuck Blount of the San Antonio News-Express points out in his column that the UIEGA did not make it illegal for an individual to gamble online, like many were led to believe.

    He goes on to write that the UIGEA contains an interesting loophole.

    While it restricts bank accounts from shipping money to online poker and casino sites, it does allow transactions with fantasy sports, online lotteries and horse racing. Despite the halt of bank account transactions, it's still pretty easy to put money into online accounts. Call it the hole in the dike theory, where if one hole is plugged, the water finds a way to shoot out somewhere else. There is too much money vested in online poker to shut it down completely.
    You can read the entire column here:

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    Nice find...and how true.

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