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    I don't get it - obviously too innocent

    So what's the dress code at Orchid?

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    Dress code should be relaxed as its completely private hire - And just tell Ben you will promote C-Planet and wallah you can go in with flip flops and a fig leaf
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    1. Cobus - those pics *always* come back to haunt you
    2. 'Pound in a pint glass' - as it says on the tin. A pretty European Nurse will walk around with a pint glass. You put a pound. She takes all her clothes off. If you are happy with that form of exploitation then the Griffin and associated pubs will be a godsend to you
    3. If its not then go to the Windmill. Stringfellows might be expensive, but it is no where *near* as calculated as the Windmill. They only let in as many men as are ladies performing (and I say that in the loosest possible way). that way, at the end of the night - its one on one. And thats when it gets proper expensive.

    (I would like to add at this point that I hate lap dancing clubs).

    4. Dress code? Its a Private party. The dress code is *our* dress code
    5. I have probably missed some other stuff out
    6. If, at the end of the day, it all goes wrong. Go to the Empire Casino (which is about 100 metres away. Come out of Circus, turn left and keep walking into Leicester Square). It open 24 hours. Its new, and clean and you dont need a membership to get it - just walk straight though, they are cool with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyMitchell View Post
    If you do fancy a strip joint, there arent really that many around any more - the police managed to close down a lot of clip joints over the last year (the kind of place that charges 100 for a beer etc).

    Stick to the more well known places - Sophisticats, Spearmint Rhinos, Stringfellows, Secrets etc. (anywhere beginning with 'S' it would seem!

    Avoid The Windmill - it might look grand (and it is very plush inside.... um, so I have been told), but its expensive - like 4 figures expensiv), or if you fancy a walk on the wilder side, some of the pubs down Shoreditch Way (nearest tube Liverpool St Station on the Central Line apparently...) still have the old 'pound in a pint glass' systems going on and can be quaint, or if you can get in, try The Griffin down Farringdon Way.

    Reviews ahoy!

    I can review other things as well if anyone is interested! Anyone want to know about the theatre, cinema, comedy clubs or gigs? Just ask

    Actually maybe, some of us London Affs should start posting up a 'Rough Guide To London' including not only places to go, but also the things that you *shouldnt* do in London (especially after dark) - its very easy to get ripped off. A drink in London can cost between 3 and 15 for the same drink, depending on where you go!
    Is the spearmint rhino anything like the one in vegas?

    Alex - flip flops and a fig leaf is all my style, but it may be a little cold for the fig leaf
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