Beware of the binary options broker pocketoption affiliates, I'm going to detail all your frauds below:

1- Modification of its terms and conditions without notice. Now you can only win up to $ 1000 / trader, if you deposit $ 20,000 you only earn $ 1,000, they also force you to bring 3FTD a month or do not charge, the money stays in HOLD but you can not withdraw it.Abusive terms, swindlers and thieves.

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2-They erase FTD to not reach the 3 FTD, here is an example of an FTD deleted that I had to fight to get it.

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3- hey delete the money, the players, see the image that was in 9000 $ and there is 5000 $
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4- Here we have your user rating, nobody reaches 50, imagine they ask for the next level 200 and another level 500, are they crazy?
By the way my commission that puts 6000 and peak I do not charge that, remember base line $ 1000.

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In short, they are scammers, they changed rules without notifying anyone, they steal FTD, they manipulate profits, they pay what they want.