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  1. Triple7, drifter8, PromoteCasino, Nik0, nwalker,...

    Triple7, drifter8, PromoteCasino, Nik0, nwalker, Moonlight Cat, universal4, casinoFM, vardan, Cash Bonus

    Firstly, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your very valuable comments...
  2. No !!

    Hi Triple 7, no not at all, the goal is and was to show that we appreciate any size affiliate and give any one the proper attention, if its has come a gross in any other way, we do apologise, respect...
  3. Opportunites for smaller affiliates with 88Cashbet

    Are you a budding affiliate looking for opportunities to grow?

    We offer the smaller affiliates up to 15% Rev share with opportunity
    to make more the next month if they drive more traffic to...
  4. Welcome to the new 88Cashbet Affiliate Program!

    88Cashbet has just launched it's new Affiliate Program!

    We are a budding Sportsbook and Casino provider with some of the best betting odds you will find to date!

    Don't believe us? Check the...
  5. Thank You Maria and GPWA. We are honoured...

    Thank You Maria and GPWA.

    We are honoured to join the team and become members of your Forum! Thank you for all your help and we are very excited about the future together!
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