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  1. Nice Review

    Excellent Review, and some good tips
  2. Online Casino City Reports Virus

    I recently read that Affiliate Guard Dog about a virus/hacker that compromised their site. I have just visited and got a virus warning see the attached file, and though that...
  3. Got the T-shirt -Thanks

    Hi Guys - Thanks for the T-shirt!
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    Switching Search Engines

    I guess a few people are getting bored with the all white pages of google, and one big draw for "Non Techies" are the photo's in the Bing site search :-)

    I also see more traffic comming from Bing...
  5. 40 Sites a month

    Yes, we have a team of copywriters writing unique articles for the sites
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    Hi Rick - I do outsourced and independant SEO for...

    Hi Rick - I do outsourced and independant SEO for some casinos - So in most cases I will meet with the casinos once a month to provide feedback - Building professional relationships with the...
  7. Casino Games Update

    Hi elgoog thanks for the comments on the site, I have made the suggested changes :-) to

    More comments would be appreciated!
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    Rogue Affiliates and Casino Employees

    I have previously worked at a casino before I started doing outsourced SEO work for casinos.

    All the hard work that we are doing to send players legitematly to a casino gets waisted when a list...
  9. Looking for worldclass webmasters to review my site

    Hi Everyone, I have recently applied for the GPWA Private membership and have completed the process.

    I would like to take the next step and apply for the GPWA seal of approved websites for the...
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