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    Website showing traffic statistics

    Can someone tell me about another website that shows the amount of traffic that a website receives besides
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    Super high rollers

    What are super high rollers and what type of money to they deposit? About 100,000 per month?
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    Keywords for attracting high rollers

    Can someone give me some advice on keywords that I can use to attract high rollers. I know about high roller casino, high roller casinos and high roller online casino. Can anyone supply me with some...
  4. deposit to be considered a whale in the casino industry

    Hi I woulkd like to know what type of monthly deposits does a person have to make to be considered a whale in the online casino industry. About $20,000 per month!
  5. looking for website that offers information on search volumes for keywords

    Hi I am looking for a website similar to overture that can give me information on keywords that have been searched for the previous month. It seems as if overture is down because I am only seeing...
  6. record for deposit losses at an online casino in 1 year

    Hi I would like to know what is the record for deposits lost at an online casino in 1 year by a person? I have a friend that told me that he knew of a player that lost 2 million in deposits in 1 year...
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    New Sportsbooks?

    Hi can someone give me a lsit of sportsbooks that are no more than 1 to 2 years old and accept players from the United States as well? Give me sportsbooks that have just recently commenced operations!
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    Average High Roller Deposit

    What is the average deposit that a high roller makes at an online casino on their first attempt. Say $5000?
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    Sending traffic to an online casino

    Hi I have a casino portal and the main casino that I market receives about 8 visitors a day. i have been marketing them for close to a month and I have already sent them about 215 visitors. Is that a...
  10. Turning on your browser's cookie functionality

    Hi I was trying to log into one of my google groups accounts and this is the message that I was getting. "Your browser's cookie functionality is turned off. Please turn it on" How do you turn on...
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    Which keywords are better to rank for?

    Hi I would like to know which keywords are better to rank for? Narrow keywords that produce a small amount of traffic but offer a very high conversion rate(sometimes between 20 to 35% conversion...
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    What happened to bangsfun?

    Is bangsfun still a member of GPWA? He owns
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    Google toolbar to check page rank

    Hi I just downloaded the google toolbar in order to use the page rank tool to check the page rank for my website and other websites as well! Unfortunately I cannot locate the page rank button...
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    Link building for link popularity

    Can someone tell me what is a good number of incoming links to add on a monthly basis? I am thinking of adding about 20 incoming links per month to my site! Do you guys think that this is alot of...
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    Search Engine Optimization

    Hi i am pretty new to SEO can someone give me a wesite that teaches beginners everything about search engine optimization? For example submitting to directories, Building incoming and out going link...
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    Hi does anyone know if connecto casino has gone out of business? I have been trying to get on their site all day and I cannot get through. Here is the link
  17. Looking for website targeting keywords by country

    Hi I am looking for a website that targets keywords by country. Can someone tell me about one? I am looking for a website similiar to this one: but one...
  18. Sending 1000 real players to one online casino

    Hi I would like to know if it possible to send 1000 real money depositng players to one online casino in 12 months? Especially an online casino that is about 3 to 4 years old! Do you guys think that...
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    List of new casinos to market

    Hi could someone give me a list of new casinos to market. I am looking for online casinos that have been around for no more than 5 years! So that would be from the year 2002 and onwards! I am not...
  20. How long to get 100,000 unique hits ti a website

    Hi guys what is the average length of time that it takes to get 100,000 unique search engine hits to ones website? About 3 years?
  21. Thread: Revenue Giants

    by tropics

    Revenue Giants

    Does anyone know if revenue giants have closed down. I have been trying to log on to their website for the entire day and am unable to get through. Also none of their links seem to work on my website
  22. Number of US players searching for online casinos to play

    Hi guys do you believe that the number of US players searching for new online casinos to play at will increase over the next couple of months or decrease. In other words will the number of searches...
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    So what you are saying is that affiliates like...

    So what you are saying is that affiliates like myself who are just starting out in the affiliate marketing world will have a better chance of recruiting new players and those that have been marketing...
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    Message to Michael Corfman

    Hello Mr Corfman in response to all the hysteria going on since the Bill was presented I would just like to say that I believe that this Bill even though signed will only put the online gaming...
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    Extremely Worried about the Bill

    As a new affiliate webmaster I must tell you guys that i am extermely worried about this ban that Congress will put on online gaming. I mean as an affiliate marketer I have to be concerned because...
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