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  1. Mcafee Site Advisor Tool Helps Fight Bad Sites

    Hi Y'all, I just found out a few days ago about this must have tool. It is mcafee site advisor. It is a toolbar that helps you weed out bad sites in your search results through google, yahoo and msn....
  2. Has anyone advertised at cashbreak and had any problems

    Hi Y'all, I need to know if anyone has advertised at

    I have advertised through them in the past with no problems, but I ordered 200 banner clicks on 2/10/2008 and have...
  3. Sadly, there is a page rank of 0, quite a while...

    Sadly, there is a page rank of 0, quite a while back it ranked 2, but that was well over a year ago. I found the google page rank here , and I also tried alexa...
  4. Anybody want to purchase a gambling domain?

    Hi y'all, I'm seriously thinking about selling my domain
    I purchased this domain on January 1 2002 and it is currently being hosted on
    a canadian server...
  5. An End To The Online Gambling Ban Article

    Hi Y'all, here is an article you may be interested in. It's an article about possible legislation to repeal a ban imposed last year on online gambling.

  6. Thread: YouTeller

    by casinofever

    Well theres NO WAY, I would sign up at wowteller...

    Well theres NO WAY, I would sign up at wowteller simply because it seems like a big joke and a very x rated one at that. I mean whos going to trust anyone who puts a nude movie clip on the front page...
  7. Thread: YouTeller

    by casinofever

    I Checked With F.S.A About YouTeller & It Says They Are Registered

    Hi Y'all, I went to this site

    and typed in youteller & you teller (in separate searches) and it says each time that they are registered. I did the search under the...
  8. You're Welcome. :) Sincerely, Casinofever

    You're Welcome. :)

    Sincerely, Casinofever
  9. Thread: YouTeller

    by casinofever

    I Just signed Up At YouTeller Also.

    I just signed up at YouTeller and my mother in law did also , yeah it is probably better to go ahead and register now and get a headstart before it gets more public and everyone starts joining at the...
  10. Thread: YouTeller

    by casinofever


    Hi Y'all, A new payment processor is going to open in March 2007 called youteller and is located in Britain and it looks like it's going to be an excellent payment processor.

    Read the details...
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    e Cash Direct

    I wonder if theres any way that affiliates could be paid through
    e Cash direct?

    Sincerely, Casinofever
  12. Read This Article About Online Gambling & Geo Location

    Hi Y'all, I found an article that you may be interested in reading.
    I found it while searching google about online payment processors
    for online casinos.
  13. I Signed Up At Click2Pay It Says Account Locked.

    Hi Y'all, has anyone had the problem of signing up at Click2Pay and then clicking the confirmation link and it goes to a page that says your account has been locked at the upper left hand corner of...
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    Google Neteller News Results Link

    Hi Y'all, I did a search at google news about neteller.
    Here is the results link if you want to check it out.

  15. You're Welcome. Sincerely, Casinofever 8)

    You're Welcome.

    Sincerely, Casinofever 8)
  16. Gambling News You Might Want To Read About.

    Hi Y'all, Heres a news article you might want to read about. It's on my local news site abc3340.

    and here is another one
  17. C Pays Has A Neat Script That Distinguishes U.S Players And Non U.S Players

    Hi Y'all, for those of you that are cpays affiliates, they have a neat script for you to use in your webpages that will show content such as online casinos that accept U.S Players and online casinos...
  18. Payment Recieved.

    Hi Y'all, I recieved a request from prism support asking me for my neteller details and my neteller details were in my info on the prism site, but I did as they requested and then they paid me, but I...
  19. Prism affiliate earnings for October 2006 not paid yet!

    Hi Y'all, is anyone having problems with prism affiliates? I am owed $270.08 for October 2006 and should have been paid 2 weeks ago. I e mailed:
    and he replied and said I...
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    I have'nt been paid my October 2006 earnings from prism affiliates yet!

    Hi Y'all, I am owed $270.08 by prism affiliates for the month of October 2006 and have'nt been paid yet. I e mailed:
    and he e mailed me back and said I would have my...
  21. Anti Gambling Bill Signed. Links To The News.

    Hi Y'all, Bad & Sad News, The anti gambling bill was signed, here are a couple of links that I retrieved from a search about it at:
  22. Can We Still Get Affiliate Earnings By Neteller

    Hi Y'all, Can we still get our affiliate earnings via neteller? Earn United sent an e mail stating these recomendations.

    The US Congress passed The Safe Port Act that also included the 'Unlawful...
  23. A Place You Can Speak Your Mind On Online Gambling.

    Hi Y'all, I found a place you can speak your mind on online gambling.
    Check it out.

    Bye 4 Now. Have A Nice Day. :)
  24. Man Builds Vegas Sign Out Ot Cards, Dice & Chips

    Hi Y'all, I thought you might want to read this article. It's about
    a guy who was commisioned by Crazy Glue to build something using their product, so he built a huge Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas...
  25. Someone Please Send Me A G Mail Invitation.

    Hi Y'all. :) Does Anyone here have a G Mail account? If so Could someone please send me a G Mail Invitation? I really don't want to post my e mail address here, but if possible, p.m me and let me...
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