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  1. 20% extra revenue share for Affiliates at

    Hi all,

    You can now earn 20% extra revenue share as a affiliate! You can also earn 2.5% extra referral commission for December promotion.

    Visit us here to sign up for the...
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    Smart Live Casino game of the week!

    Hi Everyone!<o></o>
    How is it going? Smart Live Casino has one of the funniest games now: The Classic Casino HOLD'EM!!<o></o>
    Players can put their poker face and win a...
  3. Smart Live Casino is now offering a £40 Flat CPA for affiliates at Income Access

    Hi all,

    How are you doing with your Smart Live Casino promotions? Apart from the great 60% rev. share that Smart Live Casino is offering, you now have the option to go for the £ 40 Flat CPA at...
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    755 New Football Stars game!!

    Hi everyone!

    Cyberslotz is having a cool month with player and affiliate promotions. After the launching of our new website they're giving away £5 Free with players' first deposits! And of course...
  5. JuegaTuSuerte tiene super promociones por todo septiembre!!

    Hola a Todos, :joy:

    Durante todo el mes en JuegaTuSuerte estamos mostrando orgullosos a nuestos ganadores!
    <link rel="File-List"...
  6. Smart Live Casino takes affiliates a step beyond

    Hi Everyone,

    As most of you already know, Smart Live Casino is now live in Income Access! This UK brand operates two roulette channels on the Sky Satellite network and Freeview digital...
  7. Smart Live Casino launches in Income Access!

    <o:smarttagtype namespaceuri="urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" images="" smilies="" icon_surprised.gif="" border="0" alt="" title="Surprised" smilieid="2"...
  8. September promo for Affiliates :)

    Hello everyone,

    Cyberslotz is starting fall with great promotions for affiliates! With our new website just launched and all the new slots your players will just go crazy about, our September...
  9. 10% extra rev. share promo going on until the end of september!


    Cómo estan? Soy César de Income Access. El mes de agosto y septiembre siguen siendo súper especiales para los afiliados de
    No sólo siguen aumentando los premios y...
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    672 new site for August

    Hi everyone,

    How have you been?, one of the UK biggest slots sites, is having their site revamped for August. New promotions for players and affiliates are coming soon! We'll...
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    660 growing popularity

    Hello everyone, is bigger than ever! Besides the 1 Billion Dollar final prize you can get amazing intermediate draws of between 1,000 Euros and 10,000,000 Euros. The opportunities...
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