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  1. Happy Holidays from CWC Affiliates & Club World Casinos

    CWC Affiliates and Club World Casinos would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and best wishes to you and your family for the New Year!

  2. For New Affiliates - CWC Affiliate Program

    Club World Casinos is excited to announce a limited time offer for NEW AFFILIATES!

    Join Club World Casinos’ USD program and there will be No Negative Carryover until January 31st 2009! This is on...
  3. Aladdin’s Palace Casino – the latest addition to the Club World Group

    The Club World Group is pleased to announce the recent soft launch of a new casino – Aladdin’s Palace Casino.

    This casino enjoys using the Group’s excellent customer services and payment...
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    Aladdins Palace

    Hi Mojo,

    I'm going to post allll about this in a second :-)

    Thank you!
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    June Commissions paid

    Hi everyone,

    This is to let you all know that all the June payments have been made!

    If you see an amount in "Balances For Prior Periods", this means I've been trying to reach you...
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    CWC Affiliates Newsletter - Dec 12 2007

    Hello everyone,

    You should have received the latest CWC Affiliate Newsletter by now. If you haven't, be sure to add my email address to your safe list, and update your affiliate account with your...
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    CAP Euro - CWC Attending

    Hello everyone,

    As many of you know, I have just recently joined the CWC Affiliates team and am the new Affiliate Manager here. I will be attending the CAP Euro conference in Barcelona...
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