An established gambling software company is looking for a strategic investor (s) to help it role out its soft gambling software worldwide during 2010.
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Having spent in excess of £350k in development, which has been proven across iDTV, Mobile and Web and teamed up with one of the UK’s and Europe’s leading developers of games and gambling portals across all platforms – we are now looking for a keen visionary to help us expand aggressively throughout 2010.
Our software is capable of taking a variety of gaming formats from standard “high street” style betting to Pools, Lotteries and promotional (giveaway) scenarios.
In essence… all you will be investing in is the time and boundless energy of the two directors who have already established working relationships with interested parties for take up of the software solution. Very low overheads. No office required – hot desk via mobile!
In brief, your invest would cover :

  • Wages for Two Directors
  • Two high performance Laptops (Dell preferred) <O</O
  • Two Apple iPhones - full 3gs versions <O</O
  • Letter Head and Business Card Printing (both physical and electronic) </O
  • Small expense account <O</O
  • Web site re – development <O</O
We are looking at emerging markets, in particular China, Japan and other Far East countries. Our software gets around “the betting” legality in these countries.
Want to know more? Then email us your details, in particular a phone number so that we can have an initial conversation to peak your interest. NDA’s would need to be signed and lodged with our lawyers for a full brief of the company’s activities.
We look forward to hearing from you !