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    Default Sending Long-Term Winning Traders to New Forex Broker


    I made new relationships in offline marketing series with long term forex winners.
    Now please tell me as honest as you can witch broker with decent affiliate program for these investors are most suitable.

    Forex broker should be able to accept very large deposit and cashout ammounts. And safe as heaven.

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    You should probably look at the IB option, which most brokers offer and something that is flexible and your commissions could be customized. And I suggest you not to fall prey to marketing pitches, after all the hype and buzz it's the details that matter.

    The type of broker you are looking at should satisfy the needs of the traders you have in your basket. Speak to them first and see what they are looking for. The kind of trading platform, option for auto-trading.. whether they are scalpers (and if the broker allows scalping), leverage, spread commissions and such other criteria.

    Of course, we're all out to make a buck, the broker, the traders and yourself, so better make it a fair deal.

    Based on the feedback you get from your traders, you should then narrow down to around 3 or so brokers. Then email them and give them the specifications put forth by your traders.

    It also helps if you have a direct contact with the broker you work with so in case there's an issue with your traders you can intervene and sort it out.

    I know it's a bit of researching to do, but if you do your homework I'm sure the forex winners will be loyal to you and might spread the word.

    All the best.

    John A. Benjamin

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