Just received the following:

Dear Affiliate,
We are pleased to announce that Shangrilalive.com is switching to the affiliate platform CellXpert on March 1st, 2022. This new platform will allow us to better serve the affiliates needs in the future.
Postback data and majority of the activity data is updated every 15 minutes with the final results updated every 24 hours.
This migration doesn’t include the transfer of the historical data from the existing platform due to the technical constraints. If you require the data from the current platform, please login and extract it until March 1st, 2022.
All active players, who had activity in the past three months, will have their affiliate codes updated to the new ones on March 1st. All inactive players will be switched to the new codes by March 31st 2022.
After you open your new account at https://go.shangrilaaffiliates.com/signup/ please email our affiliate manager Lusine at: admin@shangrilaaffiliates.com and we will activate your account, thank you.

Please switch all existing affiliate links to the new ones prior to March 1st as existing links will cease to register.