This evening, Friday 9 September 2022, we plan to take the GPWA website down for between a half hour and one hour.

We are moving three racks of equipment, including the web servers and database servers used by the GPWA website, from a datacenter, located 10 miles from our office, to a much larger datacenter located just one mile away.

Our new data center provider is Digital Realty and they operate well over 300 datacenters worldwide. The new datacenter we are moving to is their largest datacenter in the Boston area and offers 30 MW of power and 164,000 square feet of raised floor space. That will definitely cover our near-term expansion plans.

The move will start at 10pm Eastern Time, and we expect to complete the move of all equipment within four hours.

We will be moving servers in batches, and I currently expect the GPWA website to be moved in a batch starting around 11pm, although that time could change depending on whether we are running ahead of or behind our planned schedule.

Thank you.