Received the following this morning that may be of interest to some:

Dear Silverspin Partners Affiliate,
I wanted to email you regarding the three Nektan casinos that we own and that you had previously had the opportunity to promote through Silverspin Partners - Jackpot Palace, Royal Gold Casino and Pocket Safari.

Over the past couple of months we’ve sustained a few very big winners at these sites. Rather than give us the opportunity to recoup these losses and/or pay the losses directly and keep operating, Nektan has made the decision to terminate their agreement with us, effective immediately. We’re extremely disappointed by this decision.

From the outset we’ve been committed to marketing these sites to the best of our ability and had plans in place to grow this channel of our business. This decision has come as a shock and leaves us with a significant debt, abandons players and affects partners such as yourself.

At the time of writing, the sites still appear online but I expect this to change within the next 24 hours.

Based on this, can you please remove all links on your sites for these three casinos asap?

We will of course pay any and all commission to date.

We’re still unsure if/when these sites will reappear in the future. Our intention is to relaunch them but as this has happened so quickly we have a lot to sort out first.

I can only apologise for this. Please be assured that this was totally out of our hands and we’re doing the best we can to appease all parties and stakeholders at this time.