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    Hi gents.

    I have a site for sale - i dont have the time anymore with new job. I have about 7 real affiliate acacounts all with active customers. Not making a huge amount, powers just shut me down for no reason the **** - apparently there were dubious signups through our links and they lost a pile of money - definitely a case of their risk dept needing a scape goat. **** them anyway i dont care.

    Site has probably made about 3k over the year or two, powers was 50% of that, 365 and coral and skybet the rest for the most part. The domain name is a very good free bet .com in my opinion and is aged. That is all through almost no promotion, honestly. No dodgy links ever been bought bar facebooks likes which is nothing, it probably the cleanest site on the web in that respect in this niche. Some of the sign ups are from a betting forum thats very small that im keeping

    Anyway, as i said, if someone wanted to buy it, id be open to offers, I'd chuck all the affiliate accounts too - i just kind of want to shut down the betting forum to outsiders and ive no interest in making money from the members, so i dont mind losing the affiliate accounts. The new job is taking up all my time and i have to focus on it now. .

    Anyway, PM me if you want the domain name, then of course you can contine talking to me or not. The page rank is 1 but as i said, its a brillaint domain name

    Thanks for reading
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