1.Your name: Roger Williams

2. URL of site: http://www.freecasinochips.org

3. Age of site: The site has been running for approximately 8 months as a casino portal

4. Approximate monthly page views and/or unique visitor: unkown

5. How does site generate income? Through several casino affiliate programs (earning between 25%-50% of revenue)

How much? The site earns between $200 too $1000 a month through these programs.

Not all the affiliate programs will not be sold with the site because we can amend the personal details tired to them

These are example screen shots of the potential of the site and how much it has earned for us in the past; remember we cannot transfer these affiliates.


6. Who develops content and how much time does it require?

The content is developed by our selves and requires very little maintain just updating basic content and promotions.

7. Reason for selling

Moving to new projects

8. Will you help with the transition of the site to the new owner?

I will help the new owner with the transfer and any other problems

I will include two affiliate accounts with the sale of this site. The new owner can easily modify the details, address, name, password, payment details etc.

1) Golden balls affiliate

I have not cashed this out because i was waiting untill it reached $500 so i could do a direct bank wire rather than waiting to have it converted in GBP, but it can be cashed out via cheque now. Currently the amount is $352.71


2) Cirrus casino

I have currently accumulated $591.96 this month and a grand total of $4,861.08 from this affiliate alone.


Therefore $944 will be included.

Am willing to sell with or without these accounts

We are open to all offer. E-mail us at rogerrt1@hotmail.com