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This Christmas, Sky Poker is playing host to a very special player: Santa Claus! In the build up to Christmas, Santa will be a bounty player in the headline 8.00pm tournament each night on www.skypoker.com. Santa will horde his winnings in his Christmas sack, along with his winnings from any other cash or multi-table tournament he chooses to enter. These winnings will build the guarantee for the special Santa's Xmas Sack tournament, which will be held on December 27th. The qualifiers for Santa's Xmas Sack tournament will be the players who knock Santa out of the online tournaments.

In addition to knocking Santa out of tournaments, players can also qualify for Santa's Xmas Sack tournament by demonstrating particularly impressive play on the cash tables or if Santa thinks they have suffered a particularly bad beat. Sky Poker will also be running various competitions on its forum, where seats can also be won.

Santa’s sack will not just be full of cash; there will be more than £1000 of mystery prizes added along the way, including a HD television, a games console and tickets to the next leg of the live Sky Poker Tour, which will be held in Newcastle on January 9th 2010.

Players can track down Santa each night using the ‘find a player’ function and search for SKY_SANTA. There will be some nights when Santa won’t be able to play. At these times Santa will receive help from his helpers, SKY_RUDOLF and SKY_ELF, who will play in Santa’s place. SKY_SANTA, SKY_RUDOLF and SKY_ELF will all be playing under the star avatar to make them easy to identify.

About Sky Poker
Sky Poker is the first multiplatform poker room that can be played or viewed both online and through Sky’s set-top box. As the only televised dedicated poker channel programming and broadcasting 24 hours a day, Sky Poker showcases live coverage of online tournaments and, in a TV first, is able to show viewers hole card information from hands that are occurring in online games. Studio presenters are regularly joined by a roster of guests including poker pros, analysts and celebrities.

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