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    Default Announces European Webmaster Initiative

    Online casino gears up to service online gaming affiliate partners (, the no-download leader in online slot games, is launching a new initiative to acquire and support European-based affiliate partners. The announcement comes one week before the Casino Affiliate Convention (CAC), Europe’s largest iGaming affiliate convention, held annually in Amsterdam. Slotland representatives attending CAC will be actively seeking affiliate partners with existing high-volume and high-quality European web traffic.

    “Our ideal affiliate partner has a high volume of targeted internet gaming traffic,” said Hannah Morante of “Sites with extremely high volumes of non-targeted traffic or, on the other extreme, sites with low volumes of proven casino gamblers are also interesting potential partners,” Morante continued.

    Slotland is offering affiliate partners a risk free opportunity, with an affiliate program to pay up to 25% player deposits for the lifetime of that player. Unique in affiliate marketing, doesn’t deduct any players winnings nor payouts from their purchases. Slotland’s affiliate program is as simple and transparent as: Players purchases x 15 - 25% = Affiliate’s commission! Making Slotland a straightforward choice for affiliates.

    To further reduce the risk to affiliates, doesn’t deduct the value of credit card chargebacks from affiliate earnings. “We wanted to create a truly risk free affiliate program to address the most desirous needs of affiliates. That meant that we had to identify all areas of risk, not just casino risk, when designing the program. Of course, all payments are processed and sent to the affiliates hands without any further charges or fees,” explained Morante.

    “We send affiliate payments in pounds for our UK affiliates,” said Morante. “We convert the amount of commission into Sterling regardless of the depositing currency of the player.”

    In order to maximize revenue for affiliates, Slotland is investing in all new UK affiliate partners, offering unique website tools and incentives to help increase site stickiness and encourage repeat visits to affiliate partner sites. Webmaster tools include an automatic “push-technology” online gaming newsfeed to affiliates supplied by, which will provide daily content to users of the affiliate websites giving them a reason to return.

    Slotland is also investing in its European affiliate sites with a match investment program which sees Slotland matching 25% of affiliate partner’s investments in UK search engine optimization (SEO) with leading UK SEO provider, Net Visibility.

    “Net Visibility is a specialist search engine optimisation company. Our aim is to gain multiple first page listings for relevant search terms for our customers on the major internet search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN,” explains Neil Curtis, Director of Net Visibility Limited. “We feel that working with Slotland and its gambling portal associates will be extremely straightforward and mutually beneficial to both parties.”

    The European Affiliate Initiative will allow Slotland to increase its revenue in this increasingly important market, and support the brand’s position as the global specialist in online slots. Affiliates interested in getting involved in the new European Webmaster Initiative before CAC can contact Martin Smith (

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    Slotland rules.

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