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    Default Spam on Skype after adding Skype adress here

    Its so annoying...

    20 minutes after adding my Skype adress to this forum Im spammed totally on Skype

    I thought this forum was safe?

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    Any forum, blog or website on the internet that you post a skype, email or any other private information in plain text can and will be extracted and possibly placed in a database, where some may or may not sell or distribute that information.

    20 minutes sounds like too short of a time frame for that to have happened, although it could have been that someone saw it and manually added to a list, so it is more logical the source is most likely some other place.

    I just checked all 9 of your posts as well as your forum account in the admin panel, and do not see your skype listed anywhere. If I happened to miss that somewhere, send me a PM (Private Message) and I will look into it and edit where appropriate.


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    Unrelated to your inquiry, I got a Skype message yesterday from a guy from Dream Time Affiliates / Jonny Jackpot.

    After asking him where he had my Skype contact data from, he said from a previous job, maybe from Fortuneaffiliates, but he was not sure.

    I can understand if a real AM moves job and keeps his Skype contacts. But I had never heard from that guy, so he just stole my contact data from his previous employer. I insta-blocked him and reported him as spammer in Skype.
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