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    Default Spanish online operators agree to new rules regarding welcome bonuses and adverts

    Spain’s regulatory body -- Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) -- announced last week that a series of changes to the code of conduct have been agreed upon, including an outright ban on betting ads during live televised sports events and welcome bonus offers being limited to a maximum of €200.

    The changes will come into effect on 15 January 2020.

    From the DGOJ announcement:

    The amendments affect three ethical norms of the Code of Conduct: those related to the principle of truthfulness, the principle of responsible gambling and the protection of minors. This proposal introduces specific limitations applicable to bonuses and advertising promotions, indicating, among other changes, that these may not be disseminated within the live broadcast of sporting, horse riding or other competitive events, and limiting welcome bonuses used in commercial communications about most of the games regulated to the maximum amount of 200 euros.

    Likewise, commercial communications of this type of activities may not include, for most of the games, the presence of active athletes performing gaming activities or prescribing them; neither can they be carried out by children under 25 or by celebrities who participate in children's spaces in the media or whose activity is focused on minors. In addition, in audiovisual advertising, the warning logos on responsible gambling and the prohibition of playing under 18 years of age will have more visibility, when a standardized full-screen warning is included in each advertisement at the close of the advertising piece or, alternatively, a band at the bottom of the image throughout the ad.
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    I wonder if that also means the ads sold just before games start will jump up in pricing.


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    Despite me living on a Spanish island and having 'some' grasp of the language and market, I've made no progress ever working with a Spanish legally licensed casino. When I contact one to discuss their affiliate program I am GUARANTEED to receive a nonsense reply that doesn't make any sense, in any language. You'd think the official licensed Spanish online casinos would be doing all they can to attract affiliates but when you contact them, it's almost like they've never heard of an affiliate program before, even if they apparently operate one themselves.

    Licensed, official Spanish brands appear to be far more 'clipjoint' than any of the non-licensed programs I work with. More grey market promoting then.

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