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    Default Sportingbet Affiliate Account Closure and Confiscation of Earnings

    Apparently, Sportingbet Affiliates will close your account and confiscate all earnings below the payment threshold if you don't bring in 3 new depositors every month.

    I had no idea until I got the email from them, but it's in their T&C's.

    I've heard of affiliate programs reducing your rev share for failing to bring depositors over 3 or 6 months, but I've never seen anything this extreme.

    The least they could do is pay out your earnings before closing the account. But I guess they are so cheap that 30 or 40 euros is a big deal for them.

    Potential affiliates, beware!

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    Ouch, don't like the sound of that. Not had any problems with them myself but haven't ever gone below that threshold, not to say I won't in the future though so it's not great form is it.

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    Sorry to hear that, I hate when it happens right after you invested from your time and money to add a brand to your website...
    I try to read the small prints in the T&C.

    Its a shame about your $$$, they must pay it if they close the account, but I would suggest you'll blacklist them instead and move on, they not worth the effort !

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    You mean a program that a while ago changed their terms to "we are now not obligated to announce you for any changes in the ToS" and a few months later reduced the lifetime revenue to "2 years" and then a few months later changed it back to "lifetime" is now closing accounts based on a performance quota rule? I'm shocked /end of sarcasm

    Yeah screw them, blacklist and move on.

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