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    We have a and it's a sportbetting project. and also has a casino. So now we close all sport and focusing sending only casino traffic and most our affiliates do the same. They advertise our casinos in the bookmakers or sport sites and actually we are like an affiliate program with 7 different casinos are open for it.

    Will also be glad to talk with any affiliates about it

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    My experience back when I used to work for a bookie. Punters and casino players are 2 separate entities. We tried with free spins extra bonuses etc. to convince punters to play in casino but only less than 10% did so and those who did were not really making too much turnover. My advise: Just wait

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    @ Rowdie , the thigs you are saying I was facing at Sportingbet, they were having a market bet sth on the correct score of a football game and you will get 10 Free Spins on the "Starburst".

    My advise is not to wait. This will be a long run and no sports soon, because :

    - Us will have more infected people than in China soon. Meaning that no NBA, NFL , MLB and NHL soon. Just remeber how many bookies have directe businesses to US market - William Hill and Sb Tech for examples.

    - casino, slots and table games will always worth - of yu stand still for 3-6 months, you will see loses and drop downs.

    - now is the time for action. Even to write review and articles about virtual sports will count and return as investement in the next couple of month.

    - I used to work as a trader in some bookie and must say that 25-30 % can be cross-selled . Like casino players to become sports one and the opposite. I.e I know a lot of people who are sports punters and play Black Jack and Roulette too. Try to think as gambler, if you have not been or you are not currently.
    - yes, there is a great competition in the casino niceh, but all of us are having plently of time now and it can be invested in a smart way.
    Seven times fall, eight times stand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rknuppel View Post

    - Spend some time auditing your old content and cleaning it up. As sports people, we often time are running 24x7x365 to keep up with the next game. Now we have a break, improve the content and SEO of what you have.
    There is wisdom in this statement and itís exactly what we are doing

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