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    Default Sportsbook gambling

    Hi I am in the process of starting a new online casino and sportsbook gaming portal website. I would just like to know how many sportsbooks does the average person gamble with? Is it about five? and I would also like to know how many sportsbooks has the average person gambled with since online gambling started ? Is it about say ten to fifteen? Please respond to both these questions immediately it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sportsbook gamblers are much more loyal than casino players. I personally started at one, played there for a year or two before opening an account at a sister sportsbook (same ownership). I have a couple other accounts now, but they are "test" accounts more than real accounts.

    There are some more serious sports bettors who open a bunch of accounts. They do this so if there is a game they want to bet, they take the best price of the books where they have funds. The odds of getting these guys to sign up through your site is substantially smaller than the new gambler or one who got pissed off with their current book.

    All total, I have something like 5 accounts. I think the average sports bettor has 1 or 2 they are currently using.

    Hope that helps...
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