Just received the following ... heads up!

I send you this email to inform you that we have had to perform domain name redirection from stakes.com to stakes.2.com.

The first way is to login to your Backend “My Affiliates” to click on the tab “Marketing” then, go to « direct links » and then change the direct link and use it instead of the current one that is showing on your sites.

The new link (the one which is going to be valid from now on), should start like this: https://record.stakes2.com

As opposed to the previous one (non-valid anymore) that would end with stakes.com.
Current links are still valid until the end of this month so that no traffic is being lost, redirection will still be happening automatically without having to change any links, but again this will be the case only until the end of the month.

To be on the safe side I would suggest you perform link update as soon as possible because at the end of the month the link will no longer work.