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    Default Standalone Software Casinos - Dead or Alive ?

    iI would like to Gauge the opnion of affiliates and managers alike about something that i have been thinking about for a while since joining Videoslots in Particular.

    Over the Years i have worked with MGS , RTG , Rival and one or 2 other Casino platforms and have seen the Landscape change over the 13 years doing so .. some good and some bad.

    I am going to use MGS as an Example and that's what it is just an example. I have no disrespect for the product nor the casinos that operate the software .. it's just an easier way for me to get my example across and get feedback to my thoughts.

    When MGS still operated in the US Market before UIEGA and then pulled out it opened a gaping hole in the market for others like RTG to fill .

    Italy Fell, France Fell etc and MGS did the right thing by there business model and shut down accepting players form these territories.

    Now Australia i'm sure at some point MGS will decide its fate there too ..

    There cant be too many more markets, Canada and a few others where the software dominates or are there?

    My Question is this really a brand like ours has close to 50 Providers ( MGS , Netent etc etc ) and there are many other casinos doing the same thing now. Multi-Platform Casinos with many game providers is this, not the future?

    Are Casinos who only offer 1 software like MGS on the downward trend and can they survive? ( Again I use MGS on as an example no disrespect meant at all) .

    I think in the old days when MGS were the Go to Guys and were opening new casinos and operations frequently there wasn't much competition in this realm but that changed Drastically over the years.

    Someone in the organization had the same thought about the future im sure and what might happen and decided that instead of licensing the software and creating standalone MGS Casinos created the Quickfire product knowing that this was the way to go as they could license off their games and Knowledge instead.

    Feel free to shoot holes in my onion as that's all it is really ..are these types of casinos doomed and can they survive in the marketplace alongside Mr Green , Casumo , BGO etc etc.

    I also realise that in certain markets like the US and in Future casinos offering say RTG will thrive but these are grey areas I'm curious as to what people think.
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