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    Default The Stars Group cutting staff in Isle of Man

    Last week, The Stars Group announced that it was cutting an unspecified number of staff at its Isle of Man office, which currently employs around 400 individuals, making up about one-fifth of its global payroll.

    The Isle of Man Courier reported that up to 80 workers at PokerStars on the island have been told their jobs are potentially at risk, and the staff was informed of jobs losses at a meeting early last week.

    In a statement, The Stars Group said:

    "Our international segment (PokerStars) has faced many headwinds over the last year, including disruptions in our key markets.

    We believe the proposed reductions in head count on the Isle of Man are a component of our overall plans to position us to deliver our mid-term growth targets and long-term sustainable growth.

    Apart from the personal impact on affected individuals, today’s news will have little foreseeable impact on our overall operations in the Isle of Man, which has always been a critical operational hub for the company and will remain so."
    From the Isle of Man Courier:

    It is understood that 80 people in the Isle of Man have been given notice that their job is potentially at risk, with 10 to go this year and others to follow over the next 18 to 24 months.

    PokerStars, part of the Stars Group, employs some 450 people in the island at two sites – its headquarters at Onchan Head which it bought in 2012 and an office in Douglas.

    The company declined to comment on the number of jobs at risk.
    Read more here;

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    Also read that The Stars Group is reducing in Malta also resulting in 50 job losses.

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    Default - Formally known as goodbonusguide.

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    Stars Group is hell of a mystery to me. They do not know what they are exactly developing, shaving affiliates, cutting their personnel and many more **** to come.

    Old days of glory , regarding WSOP and other things are ending in dead manner. They will keep ony their Sofia office with number of staff in line.

    Everyone remebers what ****** affiliate pannel they had.
    Seven times fall, eight times stand.

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