Statement from Flaviano - CEO of Gambling Federation
Dear Members of the Forum

Gambling Federation would like to offer our response to issues raised in the Casinomeister forum entitled, “Gambling Federation Malware.”

While our actions were not justified, readers of this message thread should know that Gambling Federation is a victim of an orchestrated attack to mislead our players. Over the past few months, we received numerous complaints from our players enquiring about unsolicited promotional e-mail delivered to a player’s e-mail address that was used only to communicate with Gambling Federation casinos. After reviewing the complaints from our players, it become apparent that one of our ex-employees was inappropriately and unethically stealing part of our player list, contacting our players and promoting non-Gambling Federation casinos.

We recognize that are actions were based on emotive judgment; we reacted to an unethical attack by applying the same philosophy with which our company was unfairly attacked. Regardless of our reasoning, we would like to extend our apologies to the investors and employees of Gambling Federation and in particular all our players and affiliates that have contributed to the success of our company over the years.

Gambling Federation continues to be committed to the free market and responsible business practices. We are also convinced that time will clearly demonstrate that we were in fact a victim in this matter. We will never use and have never used any tactics toward a legitimate and reputable competitor, like the vast majority of our competitors.

We want also like to thank our colleagues and associates that have communicated, publicly and privately, their support for Gambling Federation over the past few days.

Best Regards,
Talia Paschini
Gambling Federation PR Manager