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Sometimes you stick to a casino because of the gazillion of slots which never leave you bored. Other times you may stick because of that big win of yours on the very first night with a single spin. Or, perhaps, if you are practical, you may stick to a casino because it has an MGA license. And sometimes you stick to a casino because it is offering Sticpay.

Which is exactly the news King Billy Casino is bringing to the industry. The multi-awarded, multinational new generation casino is multiplying its payment methods by adding the global e-wallet Sticpay, an international online payment service for fast and secure betting, gaming (and much more) worldwide.

Now, we must confess that we are constantly making a typo (or “clicko” should be the better word?) with Sticpay. It may be subconscious, but 3 times out of 4, we spell it “Sticplay”. We reached out to Volodymyr Harkusha, King Billy Casino CEO for an opinion on this – and of course on the new partnership.

Volodymyr laughs: “you are not the only ones doing this mistake! Sticpay fits the online gaming industry like a glove, so, yes, you are allowed this typo. As regards the new partnership, we are very excited with the news and we are sure many of our players, especially in Asia, will feel the same”.

So, is it just one more payment system provider in the more than 20 King Billy Casino boasts? “We do have a special kind of connection with Sticpay” Harkusha says. “Call it like a common trajectory or perhaps, an appetite for awards. But, as our casino has been getting all kinds of awards in 2018 and 2019, so has the Sticpay organization. And where there are awards, there’s almost always a good product!”.

King Billy Casino’s motto, as we have been told time and again is “Play long and prosper”. One of the ways to do this? Definitely with Sticpay.

Sticpay is a global E-wallet service which overcomes the boundaries of locations by allowing users to send/receive money via their Sticpay accounts within one minute, regardless of where the sender/receiver is. Sticpay has pioneered the local payout using local banks and is currently available in big Asian markets like China, Japan and the Philippines, as well as Australia and Canada.

King Billy Casino is a multi-awarded new generation online casino, available in 6 languages (English, Finnish, German, Japanese, Norwegian and Russian). King Billy has built on creating a superb user experience focusing on the myth of King Billy and his Kingdom and treats all players with the specialness they deserve.