By collecting some information from Slot players for <a href="https://www.gpwa.org/forum/blogs/sloto/157-superstitious-online-slots-players-sloto-cash-casino-part-ii.html">Sloto'Cash</a>, I found very interesting
on how important superstitions are for online players.

As an affiliate, do you have superstitions?

Some of my personal superstitions are:

- When something bad happends at the beginning of the day, I know that will be a bad day
and try not to make big decisions or negotiations.

- If I am having dinner with a client and he ask me for the salt, I will smile
when I pass the salt. It's bad luck to give the salt on his/her hands as migth create
future conflict but the smile will break it.

- If I am taking my son to a new house for a visit, I will make sure he wears something
red and protect him from bad vibes.

what are your superstitions?


Connie Burstin