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Back in June I attended the first the Swiss Affiliate Event, the event coordinators were very nice and helpful. I have been meaning to share with you some of the information I learned, perhaps some of you are planning on targeting this market and you may find It useful.

The speakers provided some great information about marketing, gambling compliance and key aspects of the Swiss online gaming regulations. Here is a link with the speakerís list https://swiss.affiliate.events/#speakers

Dr Simon Planzer mentioned that the Swiss gaming regulators have followed similar model used by the Belgian Gaming Commission. Note: If you have any legal questions, I would definitely recommend you to contact DR Simon, he can give you the latest news regarding the Swiss gaming regulations.

These two markets have some key difference, please see below:

1. Belgium: You can have for example a different management between online casino and the land-based casino.
Switzerland: There is no white labelling allowed, you have for online and offline the same rules.

2. Good Reputation Law
Choice of Partners are limited under the Swiss regulations (only exception is online poker).

3. Brand/Domain name - You canít use the Partner-Name for marketing activities in Switzerland. In Belgium, you can use it and advertise with it.

4. Business Partners canít be compensated in Switzerland, but in Belgium you don't have any regulation in regards to that.

5. Taxation: in Switzerland it's progressively increasing (20% and higher) while it's 11% static in Belgium (This means that the profits are lower in Switzerland in comparison to Belgium because of the higher Tax).

6. Belgium: Sports is allowed
Switzerland: Regular sport betting is not allowed

How important GDPR is to the Swiss regulators? The GDPR apply to this market because of their borders, casinos must check playerís documents. Affiliate programs are only allowed to make CPA deals with affiliates.

Here you can find some further info about the June Swiss event https://swiss.affiliate.events/post-release-2019

Are you planning to targeting the Swiss market? I would love to hear from you.