hi, I have a question,

temple du poker hasnt been on for that long it seems and they have / had a 5K rakerace running.
However I read on 2+2 forums they don't pay out the the rake race and the representative is always dissapearing or ignoring the troubles.

the person in question, Danny is dodging alot of contact with the players involved, nor responding on the 2+2 thread anymore.
Whats the best way to get them PAID what the players deserve?

Is there any kind of way to follow this up for a couple friends of me on 2+2 and make sure they get paid by that danny / or any person from Everleaf skin : Temple Du poker

His email adress that he uses is danny@templedupoker.com

Any feedback, advice on this matter is highly appreciated.

The players are waiting for days, weeks on the money while chat is lying or promising things they can't fullfil it seems


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